During the development of the videogame Magic Twins, the workers of Flying Beast Labs decided to organize a tournament internally in our offices. Because of this, we got high level of stress and divorces between workers who were not even married. The crisis has profoundly affected the chromagic structure of the company, causing great damage to the collective psyche. To solve this, we will spend the rest of the year on a spiritual retreat.

We have some unpublished statements from our game designer about it:

"I wanted the blue, but they gave me the yellow."


To avoid future discrepancies, we sold the Magic Twins project to Square-Enix, and they will include the Magic Twins as a new boss of the first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The implementation of Magic Twins in Final Fantasy VII It has been done satisfactorily, and we can enjoy action scenes, drama and many script twists.


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