Historical reconstructions. Travel back in time, thanks to VR technology.

Past-Present View. Compare the current structure with the original.

Virtual Guide. Actors fully characterized show and explain all the sites, making the experience even more rounded.

Multitude of sites. Ampurias, Italica, Cartagena, Toledo, Merida, Madrid... Discover the secrets hidden in the past.

About the apps

The IMAGEEN project (developed by Augmented Reality image S.L. with the support of Flying Beast Labs) aims to create an authentic window to the past using Virtual Reality. For this purpose, it has three-dimensional reconstructions and scenes filmed with real actors on historical and archaeological sites throughout Spain and France.

In this way, it offers 360º tours that can be enjoyed anywhere, but that enrich the experience on site, turning the visits to the enclaves of the project into a journey into the past. It also has an interactive Virtual Guide service so that users do not miss any detail and can enjoy the legacy of our ancestors.

IMAGEEN has a global application and several specific ones (oriented to specific enclaves) and is currently in a process of continuous expansion to new territories.

Data sheet

Title IMAGEEN Reliving History

Platform: Android, iOS, Occulus, Pico VR

Engine: Unity3D, .NET

Genre: Archeology and History

Players: 1

Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan

Publication date: 15/03/2021

Random fact: History tends to repeat itself.


IMAGEEN aims to bring the past closer to everyone, in the most realistic way possible. To achieve this, Flying Beast Labs has developed a database platform based on Amazon Web Services technology to create a robust system, capable of supporting a large confluence of users and ensuring the performance of every IMAGEEN application in all its environments.

Flying Beast has also developed the main user interaction layer, guaranteeing high usability, coupled with an intuitive and stable interface.

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