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You may have heard about A Rite from the Stars. It is a graphic adventure published by the studio Risin'Goat in 2018. The project came to light after a successful Kickstarter, got the certificate of Steam Greenlight and it was finally published by Phoenix Online.



A Rite from the Stars is a 3D point & click adventure game that poses an incredibly terrifying challenge to Kirm, its protagonist: becoming an adult!

To achieve this goal, he will have to master three paths: Wisdom, Courage and Spirit. Each one featuring different mechanics, characters and story... But above all... Challenges and Puzzles!

Explore an ancient temple full of traps, meet supernatural entities, team up with your Power Meerkat, visit an alternate reality and endure the bad jokes of a star! Enjoy a a game with its own handcrafted language (the Makoan), more than two hours of OST and six endings..


Since its publication it has won different awards due to its amazing OST, that includes the voices of the Coro Organum singing in Makoan.


But Kirm's adventure doesn't end here! It is not the first time that our paths have been crossed, but officially A Rite from the Stars the game becomes part of the catalog of Flying Beast Labs! Soon you will see more presence of the game in all our social networks, and perhaps we will consider starting to tweet in Makoan...


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Do you want to take a look at A Rite from the Stars? You can find it at Steam | Phoenix Online Store | Humble Bundle | Green Man Gaming


You also have the Makoan Legend Edition (that includes the Artbook, Official Guide, and Soundtrack): At Steam!


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