Four different figures with unique stunts. Combine real techniques (like triple axels) with legendary performances (like Surya Bonaly’s backflip), pop-culture references (like Freddie Mercury’s poses) and fantastic tricks (like the Swimming in the Ice).

Funny outfits and accessories for your big appearance. Personalize your skater to increase the fun!

Draw your track on the ice. Your imagination is the only limit!

Four different pieces of music were specially composed for the game. Classical music, rock, rap, polka… Each character has a tune that perfectly matches their personality and tricks.

The music adapts dynamically to each stunt. Each music piece is made of more than 300 chunks of one second. The Quasihemidemisemiquaver Engine uses them to compose the music on the run to synchronize with the skating experience.

Can be played without an internet connection. No ads, no in-app purchases, safe for your children.

About the game

Nice Skating is the first 3D ice skating app for children aged four and older. On their way to becoming professional ice skaters, we encourage children to try out and experiment creatively - there are no losers!

There are four different figure skaters to choose from, who are first dressed in funny costumes and accessories for their performance. In the stadium, children can draw their own track on the ice and then perform the craziest stunts and tricks with their ice skating star. The controls are child's play - with simple gestures, the app is a lot of fun even for the youngest kids.

The audience reacts differently to the various stunts and the music adapts to every move - but which performance made the best impression? You decide that yourself at the big award ceremony!

Data sheet

Title Nice Skating

Publisher: Fox & Sheep

Platform: iOS, Android

Engine: Unity3D, Quasihemidemisemiquaver Engine

Genre: Kids, Casual

Players: 1

Languages: No in-game texts

Publication date: 06/01/2021

Random fact: The Quasihemidemisemiquaver Engine (developed by Flying Beast Labs) allows the music to be synchronized to the player's actions by the second.

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