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POINT&CLICK EVOLVED. Actions never before seen in other adventures like conducting an orchestra of sentient rocks.

THREE PATHS. They can be completed in the order chosen by each player. Each of them includes a different way of playing.

6 FINALS. Each one of them enriches the story of Kirm and the Island of Kaikala.


MAKOAN LANGUAGE. The characters speak their own language, created for the game, with a vocabulary of over 3000 words.

SPECTACULAR SOUNDTRACK. More than two hours of original music including the voices of the Organum Choir singing in Makoa.

Not featuring

PIXEL HUNTS. Interactive elements are clearly visible, the challenge is in how to use them, not in damaging eyes looking for them.

UNNECESSARY WALKS. The world is designed so that you don't have to return to the same places repeatedly.

INVENTORY. No more trying out all the items in between for hours.

About the game

“A Rite From The Stars isn’t simply emulating the past and I’m grateful for that”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun


A Rite from the Stars is a 3D point & click adventure game that poses an incredibly terrifying challenge to Kirm, its protagonist: becoming an adult!

To achieve this goal, he will have to master three paths: Wisdom, Courage and Spirit. Each one featuring different mechanics, characters and story... But above all... Challenges and Puzzles!

Explore an ancient temple full of traps, meet supernatural entities, team up with your Power Meerkat, visit an alternate reality and endure the bad jokes of a star! Enjoy a a game with its own handcrafted language (the Makoan), more than two hours of OST and six endings..

Data sheet

Title A Rite from the Stars

Publisher: Phoenix Online

Platform: PC, Mac, Razer Forge TV

Engine: Unity

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Players: 1

Languages:  Spanish, English, German, French, italian and Makoan (only voices)

Publication date: 19/03/2018

Random fact: ‘Nehawa Howaha’ is ‘Flying Beast’ in Makoan



When the Heavens descend upon the Island of Kaikala a Makoa boy is chosen by the Stars. In order to become a man he will have to master three paths: Wisdom, Courage, and Spirit.


A Guiding Star will be his light,

and a Power Meerkat will add its might.

If worthy, a Final Trial will be disclosed

and the Chosen One will be a child no more.


However, something strange is happening. Lately, some Guiding Stars are not returning to The Firmament...

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“A Rite From The Stars isn’t simply emulating the past and I’m grateful for that”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Largely, A Rite from the Stars has a very consistent feeling, a game that is confident with what it is and was made with great attention paid to the details.”

“This coming of age tale captures a level of charm not often seen outside of Disney movies and Nintendo games. It’s the kind of game that can only be made by people who genuinely appreciate video games as a storytelling medium, capable of engrossing a player like no other medium could.”
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