PLAY. Build your team and train it for victory.

COLLECT. Get all the players and complete the collection.

COMPETE. Dynamic system that allows you to face opponents online or your friends.

PROGRESS. Discover all the content of the game and take all the trophies.

WIN. Participate in competitions and get achievements, cards and exclusive players.

HAVE FUN. Play with your friends and build the best team ever made.


About the game

Match Day: Tournament is the new game of the saga Match Day, a game for mobile devices that allows you to collect cards from players to form your own football team. Now with a new system of confrontations in real time! Test your strategy and signings by competing with other users to prove that you are the best coach.

Data sheet

Title Match Day: Tournament

Platform: iOS, Android

Engine: Unity / ECG / Gamesparks

Genre: F2P, Football Manager, Online Digital Collectible Card Game

Players: Multiplayer and Singleplayer (Story Mode)

Languages: Spanish, English

Publication date: TBA

Random fact: Another improvement is that now the grass is slightly more yellowish.


The new generation of the Match Day saga arrives!

In this game you will play a soccer coach who has to prove that he is the best of the five continents. You can create your own team with the cards available from the beginning, and move forward and improve it based on training and competitions.

In addition to competing in the online multiplayer mode, you can also face your friends in different competitions. Who will take the victory?

You can also prove your worth with the trophy and achievements system. You will be the champion!


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This game is still in development!!

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