About Flying Beast Labs

Flying Beast Labs was born as a division specialized in video games and applications creation from its parent company Cateffects, which has more than 20 years of experience in IT development. That is to say, a fancy cat adopted a flying rabbit to play games (send us an email if you think we should make a video game out of this).

Based in the heart of Madrid, Flying Beast Labs has three main objectives:

  • Summon the Flying Beast.Whatever it takes.
  • Develop quality video games. Whether it's our own products or projects for third parties, we want to create experiences that are worthwhile. Respecting the time of our users and partners is our greatest value.
  • Contributing to the improvement of the video game industry. Whether it's setting an example with our good practice policy or supporting smaller teams, we want the video game industry to grow organically and be able to welcome anyone passionate about this amazing medium.

In addition to our new projects, we also have products, engines and technology from previous developments under other brands. This know-how gives us a production capacity superior to other similar companies.

And, of course, our team has experience fighting adversity and taking developments forward.

For Science!


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