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CHOICES. The player decides Ana's fate.

LEARNING. It's crucial to identify early red flags of domestic violence in order to avoid it.

PLOT. An emotional story, based on the experience of abused teenagers.

INFORMATION. The game has official material from the spanish Department of Equality, and contact information as resources.

About the game

El Camino de Ana is a free visual novel created with the aim of helping teenage girls and young women to identify attitudes that can lead to gender violence, both psychological and physical. The game was developed for the City Council of Adra, through the Department of Equality and together with the Municipal Women's Information Center.

The protagonist of the game, Ana, is faced with a process as mundane as moving out (and at the same time, so deep on an emotional level). Leaving a place not only means facing an unknown future, but also facing the memories (good and bad) of the home that is abandoned.

Each of the objects that you pack will take you back to specific moments of the relationship you share with your boyfriend and friends. Each of them will force her to reflect on her life, her interpersonal relationships and her own development as a person.

The story will take her to a vital crossroads where she must make a decision that will have major repercussions on her future.

Data sheet

Title Ana's Path

Platform: Web

Engine: Unity3D, Twine

Genre: Visual Novel

Players: 1

Languages: Spanish

Publication date: 26/07/2021

Random fact: Globally, 35% of women have experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner, or sexual violence by someone other than their partner.


This game is one of the resources of the City Council of Adra to fight against gender-based violence. In the words of the Councilor for Equality, Elisa Fernandez, " it is based on an interactive narrative experience that highlights everyday situations in which cases of gender violence can arise. The aim is to help players to identify them and know how to act in case they happen in real life".

The project was developed using the Twine tool to create a branching narrative system that would adapt to the player's decisions. Also, environments were created based on real Adra locations to increase player immersion.

El Camino de Ana is available to play on browsers and soon on mobile devices.

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