PLAY. Build your team with the Legends, train it, and choose the most appropriate tactic to win your opponents.
COLLECT. Get all the Real Madrid Legends.
COMPETE. Face your team against other users to create the best Real Madrid ever.
WIN. Participate in the different competitions and win t-shirts of your idols or tickets for the Santiago Bernabeu.
PROGRESS. Get the trophies and achievements that have made Real Madrid great, while touring the history of the club.
HAVE FUN. Play with your friends and know the history of the team.

About the game

Feel the colors!

Real Madrid Legends is a game for mobile and web devices, which allows you to collect the cards of your club to form a team with your favorite players and compete with other users to create the best Real Madrid in history. It is the first football application directed exclusively for the biggest fans of the club.

Data sheet

Title Real Madrid Legends

Platform: iOS, Android

Engine: Unity / EGC / Gamedonia

Genre: F2P, Football Manager, Online Digital Collectible Card Game

Players: Multiplayer and Singleplayer (Story Mode)

Languages: Spanish, English

Publication date: 04/2015

Random fact: Parece ser que uno de los desarrolladores es del Barça


The Real Madrid Legends is a Football Manager that allows you to create a team with the best players who have gone through Real Madrid throughout its history. Among the possibilities it offers, you can collect the cards, train, manage the club and get the historical stadiums.

You can also compete against your friends and other users in the competitions of the Liga, Copa and Champions League, participating in the ranking to qualify for fabulous prizes. Will you be able to get all the trophies of the club?

The game offers several challenges that you can discover as you level up as a coach, getting better players, more training routines, trophies, achievements...

Live the Real Madrid history Real Madrid while you have fun with your friends!


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