Not all of our developments are aimed at creating a commercial project (or summoning The Flying Beast). Sometimes we just need to train a team, test mechanics or just experiment. Occasionally, we'll talk about them on the blog to explain our goals and what we've learned.

Feel free to try them and give us feedback!

SNORRHUL (The Sleeping Troll)

Help our Troll to rest peacefully. Explode all the bubbles and frighten the animals that bother him, or else ... well, almost better not to know.

Title SNORRHUL (The Sleeping Troll)

Platform: iOS, Android

Engine: Unity

Genre: Arcade, Casual

Players: 1

Publication date: 03/2014

Piedra Papel Tijera ManoRobot

Play rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock with a robotic hand in your laboratory.

Title Piedra Papel Tijera ManoRobot

Platform: iOS, Android

Engine: Unity

Genre: Casual

Players: 1

Publication date: 04/2014

Judgement Day

The Judgement Day Device only has one button: The J Key. If it is not pressed every five seconds, it will release destruction upon the globe.

This game was made during the One Button Jam. Featuring 11 endings!

Title Judgement Day

Platform: PC

Engine: Game Maker

Genre: Narrative game

Players: 1

Publication date: 2016