Match Day: Road of Champions Press Kit

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  • Title Match Day: Road of Champions
  • Developer: Vida en Marte / Flying Beast Labs
  • Publication date: 09/2016
  • Platform: iOs, Android
  • Engine: Unity / EGC / Gamesparks
  • Genre: Football Manager
  • Web:
  • Twitter: @FlyingBeastLabs


Match Day is a game for mobile devices that allows you to collect player cards to form a particular soccer team. With it you will travel the five continents through the story mode and you can compete with other users in weekly rankings and daily tournaments.

The game is based on the trajectory of a novel coach who must manage a small soccer team.

Both the team and the players are unknown at the beginning, but your steps will bring you closer to the Main Team, signing their recognized players and getting different stadiums to get the first team stadium.

The purpose of the coach is to make his team evolve until it is acquired by a first division team, subsequently training said team in international competitions.

The ultimate goal of the game is to get the position of coach of the First Team and compete with teams from around the world, where the user can choose between the recognized players of the first team or the fictional players that has evolved throughout the game.



  • COLLECT Gotta catch all the players!
  • PLAY Build your team, train it and choose the best tactic to win.
  • COMPETE Face your team against other users to create the best team in the competition.
  • PROGRESS Get all the trophies and complete the most complicated achievements to be the best.
  • WIN Participate in different competitions and get the most exclusive players.
  • HAVE FUN Play with your friends and build the story of the best team of the five continents.



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