Welcome to Flying Beast Labs! If you don't know what are you doing here, maybe you are wondering who we are, what we do and why rabbits are so cool. We also often ask ourselves that, to be honest.

Flying Beast Labs was born from passion, passion about the creation of video games, being part of a parent company called Cateffects. Even though the studio has been active only for a short time, our workers have a long history in this world, and we all share the same vision: to make games and help the industry as much as possible to improve and continue to grow. There you go!

Now what? You can check our Projects, make yours come true thanks to our IndieLab or maybe send us glitter via mail through Contact. The sky is the limit!

As a gift, here you have some medieval bunnies, that's always a good thing. Enjoy your visit and don't forget to leave your feedback on our social media!