Flying Beast Labs attended the days 4 and 5 of February to the Jornadas Técnicas of the CIFP Jose Luis Garci, presenting the students the video game Magic Twins. It was an evening full of joy, good vibes and, sometimes, a certain competitiveness to get the highest score.

The Jornadas Técnicas were celebrated for the fifth time with great success, with presentations of referents in the industry as Salomé Limón (sound engineer and part of the Latin Grammys selection team) or Jaime Bartolomé (screenwriter and film director). However, between presentation and presentation, the students did not hesitate to go to the main door and stop at the streaming room, where we installed several computers to play Magic Twins (with their corresponding witch hats, obviously).

There was a great general interest on the part of the students, and actually many of them came more than once a day to try to pass all levels or overcome the high school record. Regarding the latter, it was two of them who got more than 15.000 points in the Endless mode.

We have had a great time and we are very grateful for the support shown by both CIFP Jose Luis Garci as by their students. See you soon on new dates! Can you beat the records?

You can check the full photo gallery at our Flickr. Leave us a comment if you find yourself there!